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YEBAH! Mel Clarion wanted to start the new year with a bang by checking one thing off his bucket list – to start a vlog where he can share his experiences about being a businessman and promoting the importance in taking care of one’s health. Aside from the vlogging platform, this website is also Mel Clarion’s way to reach a wider audience through the online industry. A God-fearing, health-loving, family man, Mel Clarion is an advocate for a better and healthier Philippines. The importance of health and wellness can ever be understated which is why Mel Clarion is here to help you!

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About Mel Clarion

Mel Clarion is passionate about helping others. One of his primary goals: to coach his mentees so that they can improve their skills and attitude, helping them reach their goals. With almost 20 years of experience in leadership, Mel has become a profound source of knowledge and advice for more than 100 top leaders globally in online/offline entrepreneurship industry that he is mentoring. But Mel doesn’t want to just improve his mentees, he wants to impact the lives of their more than 100,000 followers as well.

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What I Do



Mel Clarion is one of those rare speakers who can speak about various topics, depending on the event. In some occasions, you will see him promoting wellness and why it is important to invest in your health.


Business Consultant

Mel is an expert when it comes to business and financial matters. His colorful experience in sales and marketing makes him a sought-after business consultant.



Coaching his mentees – mostly about financial and spiritual matters – is one of Mel’s biggest mission. Currently, he is mentoring at least 40 leaders who are influencing up to 20,000 people around the world.

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