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Who is Mel Clarion?

Mel Clarion is passionate about helping others. One of his primary goals: to coach his mentees so that they can improve their skills and attitude, helping them reach their goals. With almost 20 years of experience in leadership, Mel has become a profound source of knowledge and advice for more than 100 top leaders globally in online/offline entrepreneurship industry that he is mentoring. But Mel doesn’t want to just improve his mentees, he wants to impact the lives of their more than 100,000 followers as well.

Another thing that Mel is passionate about is health and wellness. Aside from mentoring people regarding spiritual and financial matters, he is also a distributor of USANA products. As a matter of fact, he actually founded the USANA Philippines Key. Mel believes that staying healthy should be everyone’s number one priority because it is the first step to achieving your goals – after all, how can you work towards accomplishing your dreams if you are not fit to do anything to begin with.

Mel is a Top Income Earner for 8 years; and an Elite Member of a Million Dollar Club in Usana Health Sciences. He has 10-Million Dollar Club members under him in Asia.

As a speaker, mentor, consultant, and USANA re-seller, Mel has helped thousands of people in attaining their aspirations in life and keeping a healthier lifestyle.

  • Registered Electrical Engineer - Batch 89, Mapua Institute Of Technology

  • Founder: Mapua Electrical Quiz Show

  • President: Mapua Lights Organisation

  • 2011 to 2017 - Top Income Earner in the Philippines

  • 2017 - with 10-Million Dollar Club members under him in Asia

  • 2016 - Elite Member of a Million Dollar Club in Usana Health Sciences Globally

  • 2009 to Current - Top Earner And Biggest Leadership Creator, Usana Philippines And Asia

  • 2005 to 2008 - Top Trainor And Motivator, Offline Industry

  • 2000 to 2004 - Top Sales And Trainor, FLP Philippines

  • 1998 - Top In Sales In Region, Danka Inc Phils (Subsidiary of Kodak)

  • 1997 - Top In Sales In Asia, Matsushita “Panasonic System Sales”

  • 1994 to 1996 - Full Time Youth Staff, Christ’s Youth In Action

  • Market Place Ministry - CCF

  • Discipler: Pastor Bong “Rito” Sacquing

  • Spouse: Mary Edane Marcos-Clarion, MD Physician, RehabMed

  • Daughter: Hannah Caitlin, 1 year and 9 months

Mel Clarion - Health and Wellness Virtuoso

REPUTATION is Precious But INTEGRITY is Priceless.


Mel Clarion is one of those rare speakers who can speak about various topics, depending on the event. In some occasions, you will see him promoting wellness and why it is important to invest in your health. In some events, you will see him in a podium, discussing the ins and outs of sales and marketing.


Coaching his mentees – mostly about financial and spiritual matters – is one of Mel’s biggest mission. Currently, he is mentoring at least 40 leaders who are influencing up to 20,000 people around the world.

Business Consultant

Mel is an expert when it comes to business and financial matters. His colorful experience in sales and marketing makes him a sought-after business consultant.