Cool for the Summer: 5 Tips on How to Avoid Heat Strokes with the Help of Products from USANA Products in the Philippines

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Cool for the Summer: 5 Tips on How to Avoid Heat Strokes with the Help of Products from USANA Products in the Philippines

Maintaining a good health can be done through various methods such as exercising, healthy eating, and drinking nutritional supplements like the USANA products in the Philippines.

With the different products of USANA that are for sale in the Philippines, staying healthy and in mint condition is now made even easier.

Unfortunately, there are also external factors that could affect an individual’s overall health and wellness.

One example of an external factor is the current weather condition.

In the Philippines, the main cause of concern of the citizens is the harsh heat that spreads throughout the country every summer.

With the unforgiving heat, people are at high risk of a possible heat stroke.

Heat stroke happens to a person who has been exposed to unbearably high temperature for a significant amount of time.

Typically, cases of heat stroke begin from moderate-level conditions like heat exhaustion and eventually progress to a full on heat stroke. But there are also cases of victims who have been inflicted with heat stroke without showing any indications of heat-induced injuries.

A Heat Stroke attack is highly alarming due to the long-term damage that it could inflict on a person’s health. In general, heat stroke can be considered to be deadly. It could permanently damage the organs in the nervous system along with the other internal organs of the body. Individuals could also experience seizures or worse, go into a state of comatose.

Despite the looming threat of heat-induced injuries, there is no need to worry because there are various methods of preventing a heat stroke from occurring.

If you want to know how to prevent one, then read on!

In addition to the different methods of heat stroke prevention, this article will also discuss symptoms of heat stroke and the various USANA products in the Philippines that can provide an effective protection against heat injuries.


What Causes Heat Injuries?


Aside from excessive sun exposure, there are other possible causes of heat injuries that are highly common.

  • The Absence of Proper Airflow

When working in hot and humid environments, it is essential to have exemplary ventilation for proper and regulated breathing.

  • Dehydration

Sweating is the body’s method of regulating the body’s temperature, which is why an adequate water level must be maintained in the body.

Dehydration causes a rise in the body’s temperature because not enough sweat can be formed to regulate the temperature.


What are Some Heat Stroke Symptoms?

What are Some Heat Stroke Symptoms?

Just like any crucial health condition, heat stroke has indicators that could hint that an individual’s health is not in mint condition.

Heat stroke is due to the extreme heat; thus, the primary symptoms are the malfunction of the body’s natural means of regulating the heat. Such condition can be elicited through lack of sweating and dry skin despite the body’s warm temperature.

The physical indicator is usually paleness of the skin and an overall tire demeanor.

For the vital signs, an individual’s pulse is moving at a rapid pace combined with fast yet shallow breathing.

Overall fatigue of the body and the muscles, along with a feeling of dizziness, nausea, and a severe throbbing headache, is a possible indicator of heat-induced injuries that could further develop into a full-on heat stroke.

Though there are heat stroke victims who lose their consciousness, some retain theirs. However, their state of mind will become confused and disoriented.


Who Are at High Risk of a Heat Stroke Attack?

Who Are at High Risk of a Heat Stroke Attack?

Even though everybody can be a victim of heat stroke, there are distinct types of people who are at higher risk.

Young Children and Infants

Basically, young children especially infants are at high risk of heat stroke because they are not yet able to fend for themselves.

In addition, they are not yet aware of the concept of constantly hydratinghre. Therefore, they only drink when they feel thirsty.


Athletes are considered to be healthy due to their regulated diet and extensive time spent on physical activity. But despite their optimum health, athletes are also at high risk of falling victim to heat stroke. Though, it depends more on the condition of their environment rather than their biological status.

Most athletes train under the unbearable heat of the sun. The combination of the harsh heat from the sun with their tiresome training routine can be deadly.

In addition to the long exposure to the sun’s UV rays, their extensive training causes them to sweat significantly; and if the athletes do not hydrate often, they could eventually become dehydrated. As much as possible, dehydration should be avoided because it can heighten a person’s chance of becoming a victim of heat stroke.


Specifically, those who are working in environments with extreme heat like firefighters, miners, contractors, and farmers are highly susceptible to having heat stroke.

The danger with such jobs is not just the extreme heat of the environment, but also the changing temperature which the body must adapt to.

Similar to environmental concern of athletes, workers are also accomplishing laborious workloads under extremely hot conditions, which could lower the overall condition of a person’s health. Consequentially, a person with lowered resistance becomes even more susceptible to heat stroke.             


Due to their biological clock, the system of elderlies is no longer able to adapt well to extreme weather conditions and weather changes.

Also, due to the various chronic medical condition that most elderly have, the body’s natural response to heat is disturbed.

In relation to the elderly’s medical condition, the prescribed medications that they take in has affected the body’s ability to regulate its temperature through perspiration.

Individuals Under Medication

Certain medicines can heighten an individual’s chance of falling victim to heat stroke.

Here are the different medicines:

  • Cold and Cough medicines
  • Medicines for Cardiovascular health
  • Diet Pills
  • Medicines for Allergies
  • Laxatives
  • Thyroid Pills


What are the Different Methods to Avoid a Heat Stroke Attack?

What are the Different Methods to Avoid a Heat Stroke Attack?

There are various simple ways you could do in order to prevent a heat stroke attack.

Drink More Water

The primary method of combatting heat stroke is by staying hydrated all throughout the day. It is also advised to drink water even if one is not thirsty to ensure that the water level in the body is not reaching a low critical level.

However, be sure to also not consume extremely cold water because it can be harmful due to its capacity to cause cramps in the stomach area.

For a more monitored drinking, a quart of water per hour is enough to keep the body hydrated.

Apply Sunblock

As the most exposed organ in the body, it is important to provide the skin its much-needed protection, which would benefit the overall temperature of the body.

Make sure to apply the product 15 minutes before going out because doing so will ensure that the sunscreen has already been absorbed by the skin.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

These two kinds of beverages are better avoided during hot seasons due to its nature that can quicken dehydration to the body.

In addition, consumption of caffeine can cause the body to sweat more than it normally does.

Consume Liquids That Contain Diluted Electrolytes

This drink variant can be consumed by anybody during hot seasons since these drinks can replenish the lost nutrients in the body.

Athletes, who compete and train under the scorching sun, are even more so advised to drink these. They are being prescribed to them since excessive sweating can also be equated to the loss of the body’s Potassium and Sodium content.

Refrain from Smoking

When a person smokes, the natural function of the blood vessels is constricted. Such occurrence in the body may result in a malfunction to the body’s capability to instinctively acclimate itself to the heat.

Spritz Some Water

Though some people prefer pouring water over their head and on their neck, it is ideal to spray water with a spritzer.

Doing so can cool the skin as a result of the water’s evaporation.

For some added skin care benefits, facial mists are good alternatives.

Choose a Suitable Time to Exercise

The harsh heat by itself can already strain the body, which is why it is not advisable to do a strenuous physical activity like working out during hot peak hours.

The rising temperature can affect the body’s performance and overall condition.

If any laborious physical activity is inevitable, it is highly advised to accomplish it during the cooler times of the day.

Stay in Cool Areas

One fool-proof way of combatting heat stroke is by staying in a cool area, preferably in an air-conditioned room.

But if there is no air conditioning available, just by simply hanging curtains or blinds by the window can lower the temperature of a room because there is an obstruction that keeps further heat from going inside.

Pick out Heat Friendly Clothing

There are only two things to keep in mind when choosing the right clothes for a hot day: the color and the material used.

For the color aspect, dark hues tend to absorb more heat, which warms up the body, as opposed to bright colored ones.

In terms of clothing material, the best options are clothing pieces that were manufactured from natural fibers such as linen and cotton.

For some added heat protection, wear wide brimmed-hats or baseball caps.


How to Combat Heat Stroke Through the Various USANA Products?

How to Combat Heat Stroke Through the Various USANA Products?

Consuming different health supplements, like some of the USANA products in the Philippines, can protect you from a possible heat stroke.

To further elaborate, here are the different products of USANA that are for sale in the Philippines.


This USANA product is ideal for individuals who are concerned with their cholesterol level because the omega-3 fatty acids found in natural fish oil can promote better cardiovascular health.

A stable cardiovascular health can lower the risk of experiencing heat stroke.

CoQuinone 30

With its coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) content, the overall condition of an individual’s cardiovascular health can be stabilized.

In addition, the muscle functions are improved which is an important shield against a full-blown heat stroke attack.

 Proflavanol C100

This nutritional supplement enhances the entire immune function of the body.

The various antioxidant and coenzyme elements of this supplement enhance the health and performance of the different connective tissues.

Also, the overall cardiovascular health of the body is improved.


The UV rays of the sun can be harsh, which is why this supplement is ideal for protecting one’s eyes.

This supplement not only protects these fragile organs, but also promotes a healthier eye function.


As the largest and most exposed organ in the body, the skin should be given extra care especially against the harsh sun.

With these innovative products, the skin is not just protected, but also is given more life.

The right combination of nutrients mixed with powerful peptides can promote better communication amongst the skin cells.


Key Takeaway

Those are the different methods that can be done to prevent a heat stroke.

Make sure to look out for those who are incapable of fending for themselves and are at higher risk of becoming a victim.

Just follow the different tips mentioned above and you are sure to be safe from the heat and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

In addition, take in the products from USANA that are for sale in the Philippines to strengthen the various health aspects that are usually targeted by the extreme heat.


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