USANA Price List in the Philippines: How Do Health Supplements and Prenatal Care Work Together

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USANA Price List in the Philippines: How Do Health Supplements and Prenatal Care Work Together

How do prenatal care and health supplements work together?

  1. Supplements only provide additional nourishment.
  2. Folic Acid and Iron are two nutrients that are better consumed through supplements.
  3. Mothers should continue to take their supplements after giving birth.


When it comes to health, everybody should be involved.

No matter the age and current health condition of an individual, they must be conscious of their current lifestyle, which could affect their overall health.

A few good examples of practicing healthy habits are exercising regularly and having a well-balanced meal that is consist of fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, with the various exterior factors that could negatively affect one’s health, these traditional practices to better one’s living won’t suffice.

In order to fully obtain the needed nutrients, supplements like those included in USANA Philippines’ price list should be taken.

These health supplements that have been circulating in the market for quite a while now are helpful for common individuals to obtain their needed daily nutrients. Even people with special health conditions can take and ingest these nutritional supplements.

One specific example of a health condition that greatly requires the aid of nutritional supplements is pregnant women.

If you want to know more about the relationship between prenatal care and the various health supplements sold in the market, then keep on reading because everything that you need to know is in this article.

Supplements Provide Additional Nourishment


Supplements Provide Additional Nourishment

During a woman’s pregnancy, she is advised to absorb as many vitamins and nutrition she can acquire from fruits and other food sources.

Unfortunately, a person can only eat so much in a day, even if that person is pregnant and is eating for two. This is where health supplements come into play, by providing the nutrients that are lacking in the body’s system.

Do keep in mind that these nutritional supplements merely add nutrition and not the primary supplier thus, the name “supplements”.

An individual, especially a pregnant woman, should not rely on supplements for the bulk of their needed nutrition.

It is possible for a pregnant lady to ingest numerous nutritional supplements and still not reach a balanced diet, if she does not properly acquire the vitamins she need organically.


Some Nutrients Are Better Ingested Through Supplements

Even though there are natural nutrients found in food sources, there are specific nutrients highly needed by a pregnant woman’s body that are better to be acquired through health supplements. Two of them are:

Folic Acid

This specific nutrient is essential in lowering the risk of defects in the baby’s neural tubes that could lead to ailments like Spina Bifida and Anencephaly. In addition to that, irregularity with the heart is prevented, along with other conditions like cleft lip and cleft palate. Such health defects could develop during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the body is able to better absorb the synthetic version of Folic Acid over the natural version that is found in food sources.

Due to such concern, it is advisable to ingest health supplements that contain Folic Acid.

In order to lower the risk of any defect and ensure a better overall health even during infancy, it is highly recommended to take in health supplements rich in Folic Acid during the early stages of the pregnancy.


Unlike the typical person, food sources cannot provide the needed level of Iron content in the body, which is why it is highly recommended for pregnant ladies to ingest Iron-rich health supplements.

As pregnant women produce more blood mass, they require more production of red blood cells. Such need can be sustained by a sufficient amount of Iron nutrients to the body.

Iron is an important nutrient for a pregnant woman because deficiency of this specific nutrient can lead to Anemia, which further results in premature delivery and infant mortality.

 Maintain Ingestion Even After Giving Birth

Maintain Ingestion Even After Giving Birth

Even though the baby has already vacated the woman’s womb, it is not advised to abruptly stop the ingestion of the prescribed health nutrients.

A woman should continue to take the health supplements after four to six weeks of giving birth. In some cases, women extend even until they stop breastfeeding their child.

Such practice ensures that the mother does not suffer from a sudden depletion of nutrition.


Key Takeaway

Pregnancy is a crucial and delicate condition that a woman endures.

Being in such a state requires one to be careful and mindful of what one is eating and ingesting. In order to ensure that an infant is well developed, the mother must eat highly nutritious food sources.

Unfortunately, a woman cannot acquire the needed nutrition through food sources only.

Such is the reason why soon-to-be mothers should ingest health supplements.

The various nutritional supplements being sold in the market, similar to those included in the price list of USANA Philippines, secures the health of the infants by providing needed nutrients like Folic Acid and Iron.

It is also essential to keep in mind that health nutrients should not be the primary source of nutrition but should provide additional nutrition.


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