The Milestones USANA Reached on its 9th Year in the Philippines

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The Milestones USANA Reached on its 9th Year in the Philippines

What are the milestones USANA reached in its 9th year in the Philippines?

  1. Recognition as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality products
  2. Exponential growth in its prominence in the market
  3. Partnerships with numerous clients
  4. Multiple awards to their brand


USANA was founded in 1992 by Myron W. Wentz, a renowned immunologist and microbiologist—that was almost 30 years ago, and to say that USANA has grown is an understatement. If you were to check USANA’s price list in the Philippine, you’ll see that they have numerous nutritional supplements and other products, all of which are aimed towards making the overall quality of life for all people better.

Indeed, there are many USANA products for sale in the Philippines, every single one of which complements each other to effectively fulfill their purpose. USANA products have helped thousands upon thousands of people not just in the country, but in the entire world as well.

2009 was the year USANA became part of the Philippine market and despite being known as a trusted brand prior to this, proving itself as a top competitor against other established brand in the country wasn’t going to be easy. Fast forward to 9 years later, USANA has succeeded in that task.

Below are the milestones that USANA has reached from its entry in the market back in 2009 to present day:

Recognition as a Reliable Manufacturer of High-Quality Products

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Recognition as a Reliable Manufacturer of High-Quality Products

Without a doubt, the market is filled with competitors and standing out from the crowd can prove to be extremely difficult. This, however, didn’t stop USANA from manufacturing products of the best quality, which successfully earned the trust of both consumers and doctors alike.

USANA uses only the best ingredients for its products and all of them come with just the right amount of nutrients to ensure maximum effect. InCelligence, USANA’s patented technology is implemented in every one of their products and have provided consumers with fast and amazing results. Indeed, USANA is committed to making only the best supplements and vitamins; and it shows. In fact, the company 7.4 billion in sales alone.


Exponential Growth in Its Prominence

When USANA first entered the Philippine market, being able to compete with the other brands that have already earned the people’s trust appeared to be an insurmountable task. However, with unwavering dedication and constant innovation, USANA was able to gain that trust and keep it ever since.

One of the biggest indicators of USANA’s huge growth in the market is the fact that there are thousands of online sellers, as well as suppliers and distributors, of USANA products scattered all over the country.

USANA hasn’t stopped growing either. It continues to grow even at this very moment and is highly passionate about further expanding the reach of its superb products across the market, providing them to all kinds of customers.

Partnerships with Numerous Clients

Partnerships with Numerous Clients

Checking up with the clients of a particular company is an excellent way to gauge how well it performs. It isn’t all about just the number of clients either, as the reputation of the clients also matters a good deal.

In USANA’s case, client history is impressive. USANA has not only been acknowledged by its consumers, it has also formed partnerships with respectable clients, who were brought about by its genuine desire to provide honest and effective products to its customers.

The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) decided to put its trust on USANA by letting it become its official nutritional supplement supplier—a role that USANA has fulfilled excellently. Other clients and entities have also put their trust in USANA, both in their products and in their marketing potential.


Multiple Awards to Their Brand

With the sheer number of heavy competitors in the market, being recognized as one of the best is difficult to achieve, let alone winning an award. USANA, thanks to its constant dedication to its customers and desire for success, was able to win not just one but multiple major awards to its name.

Last August 2017, USANA won the Innovative Company Award at the Asian Networkers Convention and Expo, for its continuous development in its already impressive products. This wasn’t the only award USANA had won in the event—the Vision Excellence Award, Outstanding Couple Networker Award, and People’s Choice Rising Star Best Male Award were also achieved by USANA.

These are only some of the awards that USANA has won and these are only in the Philippines. They have also won numerous awards in different countries as well, which is perhaps the biggest testament to the quality of their products.


Key Takeaway

From the moment that USANA announced their plans of becoming part of the Philippine market, it was already made clear that they intended to aim for the top. While they were aware of the already established competitors they had to go up against, they continued to innovate and grow—eventually reaching their goal while bagging a number of awards along the way.

Indeed, the effectiveness of USANA’s products is unquestionably high. Consumers, doctors, and even resellers know how incredible their effects are. All of them have put their faith in them. Whether it’s a nutritional supplement or a complete set of skin care products, the USANA price list in the Philippines has what you need.


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