USANA Business Summit 2018

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USANA is one of the biggest cellular nutrition companies in the world. You will see even bigger things happening this year. On June 12, 2018, the 1st ever USANA Business Summit event in the Philippines was held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. The event was recognition for the most outstanding associates.

Almost 10,000 USANA associates from all over the country attended this event. This is to celebrate USANA’s 25 years in the market worldwide and 9 years in the Philippines. Many successful associates shared their journeys, best practices and helpful tips on how to become successful and in keeping their associates interested in the USANA business.

Present on stage to congratulate the Top Associates were Aurora “Duday” Gaston, USANA Vice President for Indonesia and Philippines, Sherman Ying, USANA Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific and Rob Sinnott, Chief Scientific Officer at USANA Health Sciences.

I’m very much proud of my very good friends on stage, Christy and Jasper Clorina whom received the 1 -Star Diamond Director award.

“Success is when I make it to the TOP but FULFILLMENT is when I inspire others to work harder and see them achieve their dreams”Mentor Mel Clarion, Diamond Director

And of course, Jeffrey Thom Reyes, New Diamond Director under the group of Christy and Jasper Clorina also received his award on stage.

Just like the one who shared on stage said, success is nothing if it doesn’t happens over and over again. Success is about consistency. Success is about repeating it as many times as you can. Just like Thom who never gave up even when they almost died on a car accident. But he was still able to get-up and successfully ran for the Diamond Directorship.

Levy Asilo also shared on stage some tips on how to become successful and become successful as a team.

“You need to develop empathy, knowing your prospect’s context, their goals and motivation”.Levy Asilo, New Diamond Director

If you want to build momentum in your business, you have to sacrifice first. Everyone wants you to be successful. But being part of USANA’s family, we have one vision and one goal, which is to make sure that all of our dreams become a reality.

“You have one simple job. Keep going and never stop. Believe in your goals. Believe in your dreams. Believe in your team. Believe in USANA”. Sherman Ying, USANA Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific

“This whole area of cell signaling is the next chapter of nutrition.”Rob Sinnott, Chief Scientific Officer at USANA Health Sciences

What is cell signaling?

Your body has both a chemical system and an electrical system (aka, the nervous system), and, simply put, cell signaling is the way your cells communicate with each other through chemical messengers within your body.

If your brain needs to communicate with your stomach, which it does when your stomach tells your brain that you’re full, it does it through chemical signals.

If you smell something, that scent is a molecule in the air that is interacting with a receptor in your nose. Your body is always using cells, which act as both the receptors and messengers, to sense and respond to the environment in and around you.

There’s not a single system in your body that you cannot support through cell signaling.

USANA introduced the concept of influencing cell signaling through nutrition and the impact that has, and will have, to improve health at the cellular level. The new Cellsentials™ released for pre-selling last June 20- 23 and then extended until June 29, 2018.

And recently, USANA expanded in four European countries namely Romania, Germany, Italy and Spain in 2018, increasing its global footprint from 20 to 24.

These events offered inspiration to each who attended, let it nurture the passion and rekindle the fire within you to strive for your dreams.

“Never give up on your dreams. Make it a reality with USANA.”



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