USANA Expands in Indonesia

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As one of the mentors for Onex8 I’m really eager to share my leadership and experience to the Indonesian market. A few selected leaders in the beginning, some of them are naturally born leaders while some are passionate about entrepreneurship. All the hardships in the beginning of building my team and I can say that it’s will be all worth it as long as you don’t stop.

No matter who team you partner with USANA business, you’ll face pain, struggles and obstacles that come with it.

It’s no fun initially but all hardships will bear result, that’s a cold fact of life. People will answer NO when you talk about your business! But that’s okay. You know that at the end of the day, you will succeed if you pursue with your goals.

I just want to share the things that I do whenever I face this kind of situations.

Whenever I get offended, I try to avoid my negative emotions by not talking to people or making phone calls to get prospects. Let it pass. This is one of the biggest mistake people make when you’re too emotional and get affected by the people around you.

Don’t be defensive if the person says NO when you invite them, don’t take it personally. It’s not you but it’s your business that you’re offering to them that they don’t like.

Don’t ever doubt yourself. Some of your friends, relatives or even family members will laugh at you when they found out that you’re doing USANA business, specifically MLM company. But they don’t know what you know about your company, they don’t know the products that you are selling and they don’t know the benefits of these products for their health so scratch the negativity and keep going.

Remember that acknowledging your pain doesn’t mean feeling sorry for yourself. It’s so easy for you to get confused about these two. When you feel sorry for yourself, you block suggestions, you create negative emotions, you’re creating excuses and turning your pain into doubt and fear of something that you first believed that you are right with your decision.

Acknowledgement is for you to stay open with possibilities and embracing the challenges that you may encounter. Believing that everything will pass and you will reach your goal in a timely manner.

The best way for you to overcome your self-doubts and fears is soak yourself in trainings and keep yourself surrounded by positive people who also has the same goals as yours, the support from your team will lift you from the negative feelings that are eating you alive. Prepare yourself and overcome the pain. It will help you to become a better person and will naturally come the need of helping of others to reach their goals too.

Building your business in the Philippines, as well as in Indonesia requires stepping out of your comfort zone and thinking BIG outside the box. The opportunity comes only once and a good company will make your efforts worthwhile and well compensated.

Don’t worry that you don’t have the skills yet at the first time you try. Everyone can make mistakes and that’s how you learn. Have you ever felt embarrassed about making a mistake during your first attempt in a product presentation? That’s okay. I don’t know about presenting too but attending trainings helped me a lot. Or what you’re doing doesn’t look exactly like what others are doing? That’s okay. Just have the patience and understanding about the company and products that you’re in.

Take the risk of feeling awkward. It will take time to learn and get the skills for some and it will just so easy for others to do the business and if you think that this USANA business is not for you. Think again. You’ll begin to stretch your ideas, skills and gain confidence to the next level.

As you go through the awkward stage, you’ll develop two abilities. Patience and Clarity. Patience teaches you to stay calm, make knowledgeable decisions and keeps you consistent. Clarity helps you to stay on the ground on what your goals are and stay focused on achieving them.

One of the ways to create a positive change in working your USANA business is by having a team and mentors with integrity. Helping people is my ultimate goal and seeing them reaching their goals too and be successful like me is the greatest achievement for me.

For details about USANA and Onex8 Jakarta, call Ms. Darlene 081239985520 or Doc Mita +628811544334.



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  1. Mentor Mel is an amazing mentor. He found me instead of i looked for him. He is very passionate in helping others specially his mentees. He thought me not only business, leadership, but also life, love, family, and sprituality. I am so blessed that he would like tontake me as one of his mentees. His believe in my capabilities really helps me on keep on going towards my dreams and goals.

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