What You Need to Know about USANA’s New InCelligence Technology

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What You Need to Know about USANA's New InCelligence Technology

What do you need to know about USANA’s new InCelligence Technology collection?

  1. InCelligence aims to target the body’s cells.
  2. It promotes health through the following:
  • Making use of the cellular intelligence of the cells
  • Activating a Highly Powerful Natural Protection
  • Enhancing the Cellular Renewal of the Cells
  • Establishing the Resilience of the Cells

The phrase “Health is Wealth” is well-known.

And the fact is, it is essentially true.

If a person is sickly and is often in and out of the hospital, then all the money that was supposed to be kept as savings will just go down the drain.

Fortunately, health supplements are now easily available for purchase just like the highly effective supplements that are on the price list of USANA Philippines.

As time passes by, the technological field is not the only industry that has developed numerous innovations. Even the medical industry, specifically the domain of nutritional supplement, has stepped up their methods of providing care for the lives of the Filipino people.

But unlike other company that offers nutritional supplements, the well renowned USANA Supplements in the Philippines is constantly improving and innovating.

The dynamic innovation of the products available in their price list is done to ensure that the Filipinos are offered only the best health supplements on the market.

Such dedication to innovation and better health promotion is just one of the reasons why USANA is the leading health supplement supplier worldwide.

Just recently, USANA’s team of highly skilled professionals has developed a new line of health supplements that will surely equip Filipinos with their much-needed nutrition.

USANA’s newest line is named as InCelligence due to its focus on optimizing the main foundation of a person’s health—the cells.

If you want to know more about USANA’s InCelligence line, then just keep on reading because everything you need to know about this latest innovation in the health supplement field is sure to be discussed in this article.

What is InCelligence?

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What is InCelligence?

Aside from being the latest nutritional supplement collection to be included in the price list of USANA Philippines, InCelligence aims to target the body’s primary foundation which is the cells.

But unlike other supplements that merely targets the cells individually, InCelligence takes on the body’s cells as a whole group. This unconventional and innovative approach on enhancing cell nutrition turned out to be a more effective way to improve a person’s overall health through the cells.

Cell Biology



How Do the Products in the InCelligence Collection Work?

InCelligence has made use of various unique methods of reinforcing the cell’s function and, consequently, of the entire body system.

Here is how it works:

Making use of the cellular intelligence of the cells

A person’s cell can be considered to have intelligence, and these cells communicate with each other as a group. This process of the cells conversing with each other is called “Cell Signaling,” which is actually a natural process in the body.

With the proprietary combination and blend of the various nutrients in the supplements, the nutrients are then able to “speak” the language of the cells; thus, enabling an easier way of ensuring better optimal health.

By concentrating directly on the cells, the nutrients shipped to them will promote a natural means of cellular protection. The cells will, then, be able to reach its fullest strength. Consequentially, the body’s health as a whole will be activated and will be ready for better living.

Activating a Highly Powerful Natural Protection

Unbeknownst to most people, the body’s cells are capable of producing its own antioxidants.

But compared to those found in most supplements, these natural antioxidants are much better.

The difference in strength between the natural antioxidants and those in supplements are extremely far because the body’s natural antioxidants can provide the body with a protection level of 100 times more than those found in supplements.

Through USANA Supplements in the Philippines, the cell’s natural antioxidants will then be activated for an even better natural protection from possible ailments.

Enhancing the Cellular Renewal of the Cells

InCelligence aims to enhance the natural renewal of the cells after a cellular-energy production through the usage of powerful nutrients.

This is essential because such daily task of cells inevitably forms harmful byproducts called free radicals.

In addition, the removal of free radicals can help the cells maintain their overall health.

Establishing the Resilience of the Cells

Similar to strength training, the cells’ resilience is also enhanced to ensure that they are able to function in their maximum capacity.  Through such improvements, their performance will be improved in terms of functionality and stamina.


Key Takeaway

As an innovation in the field of health supplements, the InCelligence collection from the various offered supplements of USANA Philippines is definitely a scientific breakthrough.

Not only can InCelligence supplements deliver powerful nutrients to the body, but also design them to form a proprietary blend to be able to communicate to the cells.

By targeting the cells as a single network with intelligence, the InCelligence collection is able to secure the proper function of all the different parts of the body.

In addition, the nutrients that InCelligence provides can activate the various capabilities of the cells to protect the body and to lessen its production of harmful byproducts.


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