My Story

In USANA, nothing is impossible, and Mel Clarion is the living definition of that fact. He proved to the world that a USANA member can also become successful as long as one is equipped with an unending faith in God and an undying passion.

Mel Clarion was born in 1974 with a silver spoon. His dad spoiled him with all the material things that he wanted – from toys to an item of clothing – he always got what he wanted. His Father was working as an actor and comedian that was well-off – to the point of having numerous lots, cars, and houses.

Unfortunately, as most people would experience, his father grew older and experienced a variety of illnesses. He was constantly in and out of the hospital for four consecutive years. At the end, his father was confined in the hospital for four months and eventually passed away. It took them almost 10 days to bury his father because they did not have enough money to pay for the burial. Mel Clarion was only a child back then and was not able to understand why they could not afford the burial.

After a year, his older siblings all went overseas to earn a living. Unfortunately, one of his brothers died while overseas. It was devastating to their family, to say the least. That is when he formed the belief that it is okay to not be wealthy as long as you do not lose a loved one. Shortly afterward, they also lost the capability to pay for their electric bill due to a shortage of funds. Consequently, they did not have any electricity at home for an upwards of four months. Mel Clarion overheard their neighbors – who used to ask his dad for a loan when they had insufficient funds – were gossiping about how his family was already poor and did not have enough money to pay for electricity. It opened Mel Clarion’s eyes to how you have so many friends and family when you are wealthy, but when you eventually lose money, only a few, real friends and family stay behind.

Mel Clarion experienced being wealthy and also being poor. It drove him to finish his studies even though it entailed having to work while being a student just to have the pocket money to buy food because he believed that if he finished his studies, it will be easier for him to be successful. He worked as a security guard for an amusement park from afternoon until early morning. He graduated in 1995 and soon found a high paying job at the time, but he was unhappy with the salary because it was not what he expected, but he still took the job.

Through sheer effort and passion to succeed, Mel was promoted and received more than three times of his initial salary. However, when 1997 came, the Asian Recession came and their company was hit badly. He was let go and had a hard time looking for a job because he had a high asking salary. Fortunately, he discovered Multi-level Marketing and was significantly successful in that endeavor.

Over time, Mel gained the success that he wanted, but he did not notice that his character was also changing. Instead of being a leader, he was becoming a boss and it was not the good kind. Eventually, his friends talked to him about his worsening character and he realized then and there that success is not worth it without retaining your humble character. Eventually, Mel was buried under loans, debts, and other payables. He needed to sell his properties, cars, and other things he can get money from just to pay all his debts.

After hitting this obstacle, Mel experienced another unforeseen obstacle. His mother suffered a stroke. This led him to go back to work, and he remembered what his father always told him: “Be professional. If you have a commitment, you have to see it until the end. The show must always go on.”. Over a span of a few years, 2008 came and a friend kept pestering him to be a member of USANA until USANA Philippines was introduced to the country. It was not fast sailing from there because they started out without an office, no organization, no proper system. Eventually, USANA Philippines opened and their team became bigger and bigger.

Ever since they established a team, Mel’s best friend while working with USANA was a blue, foldable chair which he keeps up until today. It was that chair that witnessed Mel Clarion’s hardships. Everyone sees Mel’s success today, but they do not know what Mel had to go through in order to attain what he has today. Every hardship, every obstacle, every sacrifice shall be the things you carry until you achieve success.

Years with USANA taught Mel that wealth is not always the answer when it comes to staying healthy and fit. Most of Mel’s memorable experiences were with USANA. His Mom got better after suffering a stroke while he was in USANA. He proposed to his wife while at a USANA event. Mel has come a long way and he is thankful to everyone that has been with him from the very start.

Mel Clarion’s success would not be real without his firm faith in God. Mel had the capability to go through each and every obstacle that he experienced because of his hard work, faith in God, and passion to succeed. Mel’s golden rule for success is this:

If your income gets bigger and bigger, do not let it get to your head. When you climb the stairs of success, always keep your feet on the ground. Be humble.

A poem that Mel always carries within him is about God giving marketers the courage to build a big organization. Courage is what God gives people, and it is up to the person to build the organization. God gives wisdom in order for the person to learn it. God does not take a person’s pride away; it is up to the person to give it up. Pride comes first before destruction. God gives blessings, but it is up to the person to appreciate them. God gave a book to humans in order to guide them through life. Lastly, if you learn to love your team like God loves you, then you have understood network marketing.