Thanksgiving for the 9 Years of Excellence and Wellness with USANA

Mel Clarion Award

9 Year Worth of Journey

For the past 9 years, USANA has been bringing wellness to the overall health of the Filipinos throughout the nation. One of those people who stood at the helm and ensured the initial and continuous success of this business franchise was Mr. Mel Clarion.

It was during 2008 that USANA was introduced to Mr. Clarion by his best friend and at that time, USANA Philippines was not yet as established as it is now. As Mr. Clarion and his colleagues focused more and worked harder, the team of USANA Philippines slowly grew into a full-fledged institution. Eventually, USANA Philippines was able to open their own office and finally had a proper operating system.

From the beginning of Mr. Mel Clarion’s journey with USANA, his partner in crime was his blue foldable chair which is still well kept until to this day. Throughout the years of working with USANA, Mr. Clarion has developed various skills that he now utilizes as keys to his success and of his teammates.

With almost a decade spent working with USANA Philippines and its various products, Mr. Clarion now specializes in giving talks about promoting better health. With all of his accumulated experience, he also provides highly informative talks about techniques regarding sales and marketing along with the dos and don’ts of managing businesses.

His public speaking skills are not limited just to the health improvement and marketing fields, Mr. Clarion also taps spiritual points and is a mentor to top influencers around the world.

Hard work combined with immense passion and unwavering dedication does not go unrewarded. From the very beginning of his journey with USANA, Mr. Clarion has been hard at work to achieve his goals.

Presently, he reaps the fruit of his labors.

He has been repeatedly recognized for seven consecutive years and awarded as a “Top Income Earner in the Philippines” since 2011 until 2017. In 2016, Mr. Clarion became an Elite Member of a Million Dollar Club in the global scale of USANA Health Sciences. By the time that he had numerous team members under him, 10 of his members and mentees has also qualified to be elite members of the Million Dollar Club in the whole Asia. From the year 2009 up until the present, he has been awarded as one of the “Top earner and Biggest Leadership Creator” for both USANA Philippines and Asia.

Despite the various awards and recognitions, Mr. Clarion does not seem to be slowing down and still keeps on hustling not just for his success and improvement, but also of his teammates.

Mel Clarion Award

A Well Deserved Gratitude

With all humility, Mr. Clarion acknowledges the various people in his life who were the driving force behind his continuous success.

Initially, he would like to the Lord Jesus for yet another Year of Grace despite the various challenges that the year 2017 held. Yet, in spite of the several times he fell short in faith, the Lord Jesus still blessed him with a remarkably fruitful year. Mr. Clarion knows that his overall success and wealth would not be possible without his faith in the creator.

In addition, he also wants to honor his lovely wife, Mary Edane Marcos Clarion and beloved daughter Hannah Caitlin Clarion for their boundless support, unfaltering love, and heartfelt prayers.

These two important figures in his life have equipped him with immense passion and drive to give his best each day and charge courageously towards success.

Mr. Clarion also recognizes the support of others and would like to extend his gratitude to all of his brethren in Christ. He greatly appreciates their steadfast support and fervent prayers for his success and the general wellbeing of his family.

To all of the various team leaders and business associates of OneX8 Globally family, your hard work and dedication to your craft are also contributing factors to the overall success of this year’s business endeavors.