USANA Price List Philippines: How to Profit from the Health and Wellness Industry

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Health and Wellness—two words that come hand in hand with one another. Nowadays, keeping in great shape has been made easier thanks to the advancement of technology, convenience of business, and the success of the industry altogether. Over the years, the number of establishments making decent profit has grown. USANA, along with its products and price list, is being recognized as one of them. This 2018 you could take advantage of this growing industry by learning how you could profit from it.

One thing to note about the health and wellness industry in the Philippines is that it has been moderated enough to still be able to attract interested investors—which is a huge factor to consider when you want to profit not just from within the industry, but also in other well-known businesses in general.

Of course, there are several factors you should take note of when it comes to making profits, and these are things like networking, reselling, and even freelancing. In short, there are a couple of things that you should take note of when you are considering a business venture in the health and fitness industry.

For those who are already interested in doing so, you should do a bit of research about it. After all, you are going to invest your time, effort, and money into the business before it takes off. To help you out, we provided some key information that you should know below.

What are the different ventures you could explore in the industry?

What are the different ventures you could explore in the industry?

Currently, health and wellness is one of the most well-known industries; this is particularly true in the Philippine market. In fact, numerous products in this aspect have been in demand for a while, especially in the case of the product price list of USANA Philippines. However, there are other business ventures you could be exploring aside from the aforementioned one. Here are some of them:

Health and Wellness Shops

While USANA specializes in distributing their products through networking, a great number of establishments in the health and wellness have set up shop (literally) in numerous locations around Metro Manila and in other major cities as well.

Therapeutic Establishments

Therapeutic establishments are also gaining more interests from the public for quite some time now. A few examples of these are spas and clinics offering services, such as aromatherapy, foot massage, back massage, among others.

Customers frequent these places because they know for a fact that they provide them some sort of healing to what ails them.


Running a gym is also another popular business venture in the health and wellness industry. It especially attracts more customers during a particular time of the year. For instance, January entices more gym goers, because it is the start of the New Year, when people have just made their resolution to stay fit and healthy.

Why Profit from the Health and Wellness Industry?

The business ventures listed above could be your entry point in the industry. But you could also start small by joining the USANA Philippines team. This branding is very well-known not only locally, but also internationally—which means that you will not have to convince your potential customers to trust the products. Furthermore, USANA Philippines’ price list has been made truly affordable. You would also find many testimonials from other clients—including from medical practitioners—to show to your customers, to entice them further in availing your products.

The best thing in all this is that you are not only making a profit, but you are also introducing more people to a healthy way of living—no matter what your business is (USANA products, health and wellness shop, therapeutic establishments, or a gym). Aside from that, this industry could also provide you a gateway to start living a healthier lifestyle for your own self. After all, it would not make sense to your customers if you, yourself, are having health problems without turning to the products and services you are selling as a solution.

All in all, it is a wise move to aim to make a profit in the health and wellness industry—and with 2017 giving way to 2018, you can think of it as a way to ensure that you start the New Year right!

Methods in Gaining Profit from the Health and Wellness Industry

Methods in Gaining Profit

There are numerous methods to come across and consider when trying to make a profit in the health and wellness industry. Here are some of them right now:

Establishing Your Own Name in the Business

This is where the notion of starting your own business comes into play as there are numerous business aspects you can choose and consider when it comes to this.

Thinking of starting a home and body shop online? Go for it! Or, maybe you are thinking of opening your own gym to cater to a market that aims to lose weight and keep in shape.

No matter what you choose, as long as you have a clear vision on how to execute your business plans, gaining profit will seem limitless for you.

Private Consultations

Another thing that comes with health and wellness is none other than the numerous business paths you can take, not to mention the numerous health and wellness terms that most people are not really aware. In this case, private consultations on the matter in mind can be a great way to earn profit. Apart from that, it is also a great way to provide assistance to your audience.

Think of it this way: your customer does not know which supplement to take when they want to lose weight, as well as its numerous side effects. Luckily, you—as their private consultant—are able to provide them the right tools and knowledge of what they will need and what they can get.

Personal Training

This is not only common in the health and wellness industry as a whole, but in most gyms as well. Personal training is great to undergo, especially if your customer is a first-timer when it comes to working in the gym.

All you’ll need to consider is the extensive knowledge of the human body, kinetics, and other aspects in both Biology and Physics.


As mentioned before, this is one of USANA’s main forms of gaining profit—that and marketing as well. It is no wonder why many of their products are available in the Philippines for low price lists. When it comes to this, people are keen to earn profit from the industry by establishing networks of their own, who in turn will establish their own networks as well. The end result will be a massive web of connections that will ensure that when one party gains a profit, the others will as well, further promoting working in perfect harmony and teamwork as a whole.

Admittedly, networking has received mixed opinions and reactions from people. Some would even say that it is not a legitimate business form for professionals to explore. However, there are others that would disagree. Usually, these are the individuals that would successfully create their own network and manage them well.

Advantages of Profiting from the Health and Wellness Industry

Profit in general comes with a great share of benefits and advantages. All it takes is to consider what they are and what they can be. To explain it further, here are some of the best things you can gain from working for and gaining profit from the health and wellness industry:

Market Demand is Huge

Of course, if there is any industry that is attracting huge amounts of interest, it would be none other than the health and wellness line of business. In fact, the industry itself is one of the most famous scopes of business in modern times, which is all the more reason to convince you to start gaining profit from it.

Other Variants and Aspects of Health and Wellness are Available

As hinted above, there are other variants and aspects you could gain from by venturing in this industry. Fitness, skin care, circulatory health, and general practice in medicine are only some of them.

Basically, this means that if you are planning to take on a business in this industry, you will also be exposed to all sorts of fitness and wellness regiments for you to benefit from.

The Online World Can Give You a Huge Head Start

Nowadays, the internet has definitely become a great medium for launching a variety of businesses. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram have been a great tool in getting startup companies gain the following that they need to attract people to buy their products and services.

As someone from the health and wellness industry, you could utilize them to advertise the goods you are planning to sell to your customers.

Risks in Profiting from the Health and Wellness Industry

Risks are inevitable in all kinds of businesses—the same could be said when it comes to venturing in the health and wellness industry. To give you a clue what you are getting into, here are some of the most notable risks that could be involved if you start your own health and wellness business:

Huge Competition

Competition between different establishments in any industry is a common occurrence in modern society. When it comes to this, simply rise above the competition in your own legitimate way.

Of course, the different approaches to upping their personal business factors can vary. For example, Brand X has introduced a new kind of dietary supplement that is guaranteed to help people lose weight? No problem! Instead of producing the exact same product, produce one of the same variant but with heightened factors based on composition!

Also, another way to really attract interest from customers and investors is proper marketing and advertising. Keep in mind that this one of the top reasons to convince your clients to choose your products among others.

Shifting/Fluctuating Market Demand

As time goes on, it is simply unavoidable that demand from the market would change. Of course, as a business aiming to gain profit from the health and wellness industry, it would be your obligation and prerogative to do your best to meet market demand regardless of the changes that can take place. It can be a bit difficult at first, but the results—when done correctly—will be all the more worth it.


Unfortunately, stress is unavoidable—even when you work in the healthiest industry there is.

But you could combat it by taking care of yourself properly. If you are selling vitamins and supplements, especially those from the USANA products’ price list in the Philippines, then you could check out which one of them would help you work through your stress.

Health and Wellness Opportunities for the New Year

Health and Wellness Opportunities for the New Year

This New Year, you could take advantage of all (or some) opportunities available in the health and wellness industry. Just be sure to do your research first so you will not end up regretting your decisions and wasting your efforts, time, and money. Starting up a business venture, after all, is neither that easy nor affordable. You would really need to properly consider every step you take in your business.

For those who are planning to join the USANA Philippines team and start selling USANA Philippines’ products from the price list, you would be glad to know that opportunities could come left and right—you just need to take them into your own hands!

Take the first step by getting to know more about USANA Philippines’ essentials, USANA Philippines’ products, and USANA Philippines’ vitamins. Choose to become a distributor of these well-known and well-respected products; and you shall reach your goals of making profits in the health and wellness industry.

Are you excited for a future filled with health and wellness goals? Do you want to begin your journey of influencing others to live healthy lives? Then, start today by becoming a USANA Philippines products distributor—ask us how by visiting this page!